Most of my online writing is on these three sites:

Project Pengyou – Media Producer
Project Pengyou is an social networking site for Americans who have lived or studied in China.

Ministry of Harmony – Contributor
The Onion for China.

The Hypermodern – Executive Editor, Contributor
The Hypermodern is a Beijing-based blog dedicated to commentary and analysis of modern China. Most of my writing is published there.


Peking Man – the Beijinger Columns

November 2011 – The ‘Jing and I
December 2011 – George’s Guide to Getting a Seat on the Subway


January 2012 – Family Feud
February 2012 – Love / Hate
March 2012 – Trapped in the Water Closet
April 2012 – Overburning of Paper Money Fuels Afterlife Inflation
May 2012 – Death of a Building
June 2012 – George’s Guide to Being the King of Karaoke
July 2012 – The Road to Mongolia
August 2012 – Fleeced
September 2012 – George’s Guide to Surviving the Rainpocalypse
October 2012 – Why I’m Leaving China
November 2012 – The Dark Night of Negotiation
December 2012 – Why I’m Coming Back to China


January 2013 – Yikes!
February 2013 – George’s Guide to Chinese New Year
March 2013 – The Cynic’s Literary Festival 2013
April 2013 – What’s in a Name?
May 2013 – Taxing Times
June 2013 – We Need to Talk About Beijing
July 2013 – The Butterfly Effect
August 2013 – Confidence Woman
September 2013 – George Tries… Guasha and Cupping
October 2013 – The 7 Wonders of Beijing
November 2013 – Haircuts and the Art of Upselling
December 2013 – Eyes Wide Shut


January 2014 – Like White on Rice
February 2014 – Prison Break
March 2014 – George’s Guide to Looking Smart at Literary Events
April 2014 – Who Owns the Restaurant?
May 2014 – To the Guy Who Stole My iPhone
June 2014 – George’s Guide to Avoid Being Bitten by Mosquitoes
July 2014 – Chain Smoking Cab Driver Complains About Pollution / Beijing to Turn Third Ring Road into McDonald’s Drive-Thru
August 2014 – How to Keep Subway Prices at Two Yuan
September 2014 – Meat Me Halfway
October 2014 – Why I Don’t Use WeChat
November 2014 – The Michigan J. Frog Water Heater
December 2014 – China Mad Libs


January 2015 – The First Year’s the Best
February 2015 – The Expat Subway Expansion
March 2015 – Answering Texts
April 2015 – George’s Guide to Living in China Without Learning Chinese
May 2015 – All That Jazz
June 2015 – Gained in Translation
July 2015 – Making a Movie in China: Part 1 – Permission
August 2015 – Making a Movie in China: Part 2 – Rubberneckers
September 2015 – George’s Guide to Understanding Chinese Culture
October 2015 – The Butterfly Effect (Reprint)
November 2015 – The Gentrification of Shuangjing
December 2015 – Changes to Visa Application Guidelines for Foreign Visitors



Understanding China’s Leadership Transition.” November 11, 2012.
Women Are ‘Pretty Scenery’ at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.” November 18, 2012.
China Gets Its First Political Sex Tape Scandal.” December 8, 2012.
Chinese Officials at It Again: More Scandal from the People’s Republic.” December 17, 2012.
‘Southern Weekly and the Limits of Censorship in China.” January 13, 2013.
Beijing’s Pollution Problem Is Becoming Hard to Ignore.” January 26, 2013.
Explaining China’s National People’s Congress.” March 19, 2013.
Sympathy for the Beijing Airport Bomber.” August 10, 2013.


K Magazine

时尚铸造未来.” (Chinese) January 12, 2016. (Recap of François-Henri Pinault’s speech at Tsinghua.)
Man on Top.” 2016. (Profile of Chinese photographer Chen Man.)
Making a Bigger Splash in China.” 2016. (Profile of Starfish Project founder Jenny McGee.)


Published Writing

T.J.Palaver. Spring 2007.
Long Road Home to Virginia.” New Channel Magazine. Spring 2008.
Why Chinese Mothers are Crazy.” asia! Jan 18, 2011.
I Became an American and the World Kept Turning.” Diaspora @ chinaSMACK. July 18, 2011.
All Your Facts are Belong to Us.” ChinaGeeks. August 4, 2011.
Guo Meimei Responds to Red Cross Controversy – Part 1.” chinaSMACK. August 13, 2011.
Guo Meimei Responds to Red Cross Controversy – Part 2.” chinaSMACK. August 26, 2011.
Rich Chinese Youth Fined in Canada Claim Westerners Jealous.” chinaSMACK. September 21, 2011.
Guo Meimei Responds to Red Cross Controversy – Part 3.” chinaSMACK. September 25, 2011.
Pity the Educator.” NewsChina. November 2011.
“I Became an American and the World Kept Turning,” included in Pho for Life: A Melting Pot of Thoughts. December 2, 2011.
“‘Tiny Times’ Tries to Grow Up.” Jing Daily. August 12, 2013.
Halloween Five-O.” The Anthill. November 30, 2013.
WCG Diaries: the most and least popular games in China.” Games in Asia. December 18, 2013.
OPINION. NME. February 15, 2014. (On the sale of Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP in China.)
How to Cheat on Taxes in China.” The New York Times. September 11, 2015.
In China, Singles Day is a huge retail holiday. But what singles really need is a break from stigma.” The Washington Post. November 11, 2015.
Smog Day, School’s Out.” Foreign Policy. December 14, 2015.



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